HERBARIUM MIRABILE | HALL 10 - THE PLUS THEATRE Curator and author: Raffaello Galiotto The exhibition resembles as an imaginary herbarium populated by a number of works of art in marble inspired by the plant kingdom. The artists takes inspiration from the fascinating variety of botanical forms to create, through software and numerically controlled machinery, a collection of imaginative, refined, elegant very high precision sculptures. The exhibition seeks to explore the potential of new digital tools in advanced processing of natural stone and the development of this new expressive language. This is an extremely interesting exhibition not the least in view of the variety of highly-prized marble materials involved, the various processing techniques and the superb expertise professionalism of the companies taking part.
THE APPLAUD | HALL 10 THE PLUS THEATRE Curator: giorgiocanale DYNAMIC REAL-TIME INSTALLATION – For the first time in the history of MARMOMAC, the project will be implemented during the event itself creating a strong attraction pole. The work will be signed by an internationally renowned artist and will progressively take shape hour by hour to highlight the input of latest-generation machinery, modern technologies and people in the creation of a project unique of its kind in the world.
A full-fledged investiture, complete with the presentation of official emblems: a cube in red Verona marble, a bronze plaque, and a silver chisel. On the inaugural day of the 57th Marmomac the proclamation of four new Masters of Stone took place. This recognition, since 1319, carries on the tradition of the Ancient Free Corporation of the Art of Stone in Verona, and since 1980, it rewards those who have distinguished themselves in enhancing and promoting the natural stone sector. This year's award winners: Alberto Franchi Bruno Bagnara Enzo Guardini Suzanne Musho #marmomac2023
Marmomac 2023, the most important international fair dedicated to the stone production chain is in full swing in Verona. The city is once again ready to become the stage for the lithic industry, hosting a perfect mix of business, networking, and innovation, enriched by the presence of emblem of the Italian territory: good wine, perfect for celebrating the success of this edition of #marmomac2023. Tommasi wine, Wine Sponsor Bistrot Hall 1 (A matter of stone by Elle Decor Italia) Pro.vi.di and Valdo Spumanti Wine Sponsors Hall 10 (The Plus restaurant and Wine Bar)
WHAT IS POSSIBLE TO DESIGN WITH STONE MATERIALS, AND HOW CAN THEY BE USED TO DEVELOP ARCHITECTURAL, DECORATIVE AND INTERIOR DESIGN SOLUTIONS? This question and possible answers are the themes of “A matter of stone“, a pavilion curated by Elle Decor Italia for Marmomac. The space designed by the Calvi Brambilla studio will be an exceptional display to showcase the most innovative achievements, creative projects and cutting-edge solutions, from the object’s scale to the interiors. On display are all the potentialities of natural stone expressed today by architects and designers, made possible by the know-how of the most talented companies. Furniture, surfaces, objects, and environments that choose stone’s quality, beauty and versatility. An ancient material capable of propelling the design world into the near future. Discover our exhibitors, we are waiting for you at hall 1! #marmomac2023
Welcome to the grand opening of the Marble Fair! Immerse yourself in the epicenter of art and excellence and get ready to be overwhelmed by the beauty carved in stone. Thanks to the inauguration and the commitment of Veronafiere President Federico Bricolo, Marmomac 2023 is ready to amaze and inspire visitors! #Bepartofit #marmomac2023
Marmomac 2023 let's start! Marmomac, the most important world trade show dedicated to the entire stone production chain, from the quarry to the processed product, from technologies and machinery to tools, starts today in Verona! Join us from 26 to 29 September all the sector’s protagonists where business and professional development meet, becoming a privileged place for innovation and training. #bepartofit #marmomac
One hour to go, here what happened so far. We are waiting for you!
FIND OUT THE FULL PROGRAM OF EVENTS: From exhibitions of architecture, art and interior design that boast the participation of internationally renowned designers and important furniture brands, to conferences and seminars that have long been valuable educational opportunities for the professional training of designers and architects. From prizes aimed at evaluating the works of greatest impact for the communication of the event and the best solutions in terms of setting up to moments of confrontation on the problems and technological innovations inherent to the stone project. https://www.marmomac.com/en/events-program/
Valdo Spumanti | Hall 10 Wine Bar and The Plus Restaurant Wine Sponsor Cantine Valdo was born in the heart of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, a unique Unesco World Heritage land just an hour and a half from the magnificent city of Venice. The love affair between Valdo and this nature-awarded territory and at the heart of the production of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, is constantly evolving. Year after year, Valdo writes new pages, telling how passion combined with tradition and innovation can lead to the creation of unique sparkling wines.
Pro.Vi.Di. | Hall 10 Wine Bar and The Plus Restaurant Wine Sponsor Pro.Vi.Di. is an 'association of wine and spirits producers that aims to maximize the value of the territory and Sicilian wine products by promoting their national and international competitiveness at all stages of the supply chain.
At Marmomac the exhibitor SVG INTERNATIONAL PVT LTD will showcase India's rich granite heritage on an international stage. Come and meet us to discover our excellence! Date: September 26-29, 2023 Location: Marmomac, Verona, Italy Booth No. L2 Pavilion No. 10 #marble #stone #event #international
Siemens | Servitization, Sustainability, Digitalization, Cybersecurity: words repeated so frequently and in such different contexts that they almost become insignificant; however, they remain central themes for shaping the future of the production of goods and machinery. To explore these themes together in depth and understand why Siemens represents the ideal partner for all your projects, we invite you to join us at Booth 4 - Stand F4. Furthermore, Siemens will participate in the Marmo + Tech conference, where they will be featured in a talk discussing Technology, Digitalization, and new business models. Save the date: Thursday, September 28th Hall 10 at The Plus Theatre from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM Siemens Solutions - Digitalization & Servitization for Stone Industry
Cemarmarble has been mining and manufacturing the highest quality natural stone flooring, natural stone cladding, natural stone exterior applications, handcrafted natural stone products in Turkey. With More than 550 employees working in our quarry, factory, warehouse, logistic base and office. We are fully committed to providing the highest quality products to meet the highest expectations of our international clients. Our quarry is located in Kula, Turkey about 130 km to the port of Izmir. Covering an area of 900.000m2, going 300 meters deep, it is a reserve of 270,000,000 m³. HALL 9 STAND C6
Tommasi Wine | Hall 1 Bistrot Wine Sponsor Tommasi wine From the heart of Valpolicella Classica and the passion of the Tommasi family, Amarone della Valpolicella Classico docg is born with the same care as the first vintage put on the market in 1959. Years pass, but the devotion to tradition has remained steadfast. The best grapes are carefully selected to obtain a wine with a clear, elegant and intense style. - Dal cuore della Valpolicella Classica e dalla passione della famiglia Tommasi, nasce l’Amarone della Valpolicella Classico docg con la stessa cura della prima annata messa in commercio nel 1959. Passano gli anni, ma la devozione alla tradizione è rimasta salda. I migliori grappoli vengono attentamente selezionati per ottenere un vino dallo stile chiaro, elegante ed intenso.
20 SEPTEMBER | MARMOMAC PRESS CONFERENCE NATURAL STONE - DRIVING INTERNATIONALITY AT MARMOMAC 2023 1.507 COMPANIES ATTENDING THE TRADE FAIR: 68.5% INTERNATIONAL FROM 54 COUNTRIES Top buyers already accredited from more than 140 countries. The event will highlight the latest technological innovations and applications of stone materials in the worlds of architecture, design and luxury: stone slabs just a few millimetres in thickness, 3D printed or for environmentally aware applications. Download our Press Kit: https://www.marmomac.com/en/press-kit/
The 57th edition of Marmomac is just one week away. Relive the most important moments of the last edition, ready to face the next one with enthusiasm. 📅 We are waiting for you from 26 to 29 September!
Experience the greatness of Vitoria Stone Fair, the biggest ornamental stone showroom in the world. Presenting over 1200 varieties, all of the beauty available in Brazil is here. Come meet it all at their source. Join us in Espirito Santo, Brazil and let us be your ultimate destination in connecting you to the best in business, suppliers, and machinery. On January 30th to February 2nd, meet a world of possibility. Visit us at Marmomac Hall: Galeria 11-12 Stand: Room B Vitória Stone Fair
#italdiamant at hall 7 booth B5 Top-quality #diamondtools for stone machinery and users! How to increase quality and productivity? Italdiamant can help you find the right tool. Italdiamant has been on the cutting edge of the production of diamond tools. It exports worldwide and provides a high-level service in Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle Eas has been on the cutting edge of the production of diamond tools. It exports worldwide and provides a high-level service in Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East. https://www.italdiamant.com/see-you-at-marmomac-2023/ Follow the blue line at hall 7… and find out what the future holds for you! #marmomac2023 #stone #technology #madeinitaly
🇬🇧 Moving towards the future... 💫 From September 26th to 29th, we invite you to join us at the Marmomac trade fair in Verona, where we will proudly unveil our brand's latest innovation for the very first time...😉 Curious to learn more about what we're referring to? Visit us at Hall 12, Stand F3B. We hope to see you! 🇪🇸 Avanzando hacia el futuro… 💫 Los días 26 al 29 de septiembre os esperamos en la feria MarmomacMarmomac en Verona donde os presentaremos en primicia la última novedad de nuestra marca… 😉 ¿Quieres saber a qué nos referimos? Visítanos en el Hall 12, Stand F3B. ¡Te esperamos! #marmomacplus #granilouro #granito #granite #granilouro35yearswhithyou #granilouro35añoscontigo